Mayweather, The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Breaking news! Apparently Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his team, mainly advisers Leonard Ellerbe and Al Haymon, tried to steal the thunder and tried to ride off on the publicity of the Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy ender which is scheduled to take place next week by announcing Money’s next fight date. May 5, 2012 as they say and as was first reported by’s Ben Thompson and later reported by Dan Rafael of is supposedly the day the two consensus Pound-for-Pound champions will finally meet inside the ring.

Now, before you go on jumping up and down like you got an early Christmas present, let me remind you all that we have been down this road before. Needless to say, it’s a confusing mix of contradicting statements and storylines laced with lies, deceit and failed negotiations. Kudos to the journalists out there who have the time and the patience to try to piece together the whole puzzle to figure out where we are in this endless drama. I on the other hand, will save myself the trouble and the stress on trying to point fingers and will accept the fact that for whatever reason, we just don’t have that fight yet.

Or so it seems.

“We’re looking to make the biggest fight possible and everyone knows what that fight is, the little fella,” Leonard Ellerbe, Mayweather’s trusted adviser told Dan Rafael of “Floyd made it very clear to us, what he wanted to do. He told us he is looking to make the biggest fight that is out there and to make it in May”.

“It’s great to hear that they (Team Pacquiao) are now ready to take the same USADA random blood and urine tests that Floyd, Shane Mosley and Victor Ortiz have already taken. This is great for the sport of boxing and I commend Manny Pacquiao for stepping up to the plate,” Ellerbe told’s Ben Thompson.

If reports are correct, and no one is lying this time (which given the history of negotiations is almost impossible), Pacquiao and Mayweather will finally meet atop the squared circle in May of next year with a venue already put on hold by Golden Boy Promotion’s Richard Schaeffer, who now co-promotes Mayweather’s fights.

Who’s lying? Ask Pacquiao fans and you will get one response everytime, Mayweather – referencing the flamboyant superstar’s history of calling out Pacquiao but repeatedly denying such news. So blatant that during the Mayweather-Ortiz pre-fight press conference Mayweather was quoted as saying “Pacquiao, you’re next!” only to go face to face with the media telling us “not to put words in my (Mayweather’s) mouth”.

Ask Mayweather fans and you’ll quickly get a rapid “if Pacquiao has nothing to hide, then take the test” retort.

“It’s all just a big he said (Pacquiao), she said (Mayweather) affair” says disgruntled boxing fan Lyle Grandstam of Toowoomba, Australia.

But if what we are hearing from the Mayweather camp is true, then finally, the fight fans have been waiting for will finally be delivered to us next spring.

In my opinion, the news sounds legit. I don’t think the Mayweather camp is trying to “steal the thunder” from the Pacquiao-Marquez bout to try and derail the fight from selling, if anything, it actually should help generate more PPV sales. A possible Pacquiao-Mayweather fight in the spring is over 6 months away from Pacquiao-Marquez III and the buying public will have increased interest in seeing Pacquiao perform this November to get a preview of what he could do to Mayweather. May 5th is also a perfect date to stage a fight of this magnitude giving promoters ample time to make sure everything goes smoothly and sales would skyrocket.

Pacquiao agrees to random blood and urine testing, check – which is confirmed by both Bob Arum and Freddie Roach.

Mayweather agrees to put the fight together, check – confirmed by both Leonard Ellerbe and Richard Schaeffer.

It looks like we have ourselves a match, just don’t get your hopes up. Mayweather has been ‘the boy who cried wolf’ for nearly two years now, calling Pacquiao out yet pretending he never did. We’ve all been down this road before only to get our hearts broken.

Assuming Pacquiao gets past Marquez next week, the final leg of negotiations for the superfight of all ages should start to go underway. Once that dotted line is signed, by no less than both men, then we can all rejoice.

Til then, let’s not jump to any conclusions. As for the fight, let’s just say I think Mayweather will find himself in the ring with more than just a ‘wolf’ if he ever gets in the ring with the Pound-for-Pound king.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. eyes May 5 fight

29 responses to “Mayweather, The Boy Who Cried Wolf

  1. pgreats front page !

    Until “Money May” confirms it, they’re just stealing thunder from the upcomming fight. They’re still missing an announcement on Mayweather vs Ortiz PPV, so that news can backfire on them.


  2. I can’t understand why they are saying that Floyd is stealing the thunder when in fact Mayweather is actually helping Manny

  3. this only mean one thing, that his PPV did not do well, though they said over a million buys, they know for a fact that it is a lie, and they dont have anymore big fights and big money coming, and the only option is fighting Manny to make big bucks, lol poor mayweather team, desperate for money hahahaha…

  4. With this kind of stuff, idiotic journalists like you prepare posts like this to continue earning money. I know this is how you make a living but still, like Ellerbe said, “idiots”.

  5. In an overseas telephone conversation with the Manila Standard, Koncz said “how can he set the date, how can he set the venue without consulting with your opponent?”

    Koncz insisted that the Mayweather camp “has not spoken to anybody that has the authority to negotiate. They have not spoken to Bob Arum and they have not spoken to me.”

    This announcement is just another GIMMICK by GAYWETTER PROMOTIONS trying to steal the thunder and ride on the publicity of the Pacquiao-Marquez trilogy… What a “TURDUCKEN” in the world of boxing !!!!

  6. Gayweather now got the ball to fight Pacman coz if he doesnt step up on the plate Pacquiao will fight Martinez and it will generate more money than fighting gayweather. Pacquiao vs Gayweather then Pacquiao vs Martinez before the end of 2012. great year for Pacquiao and retired for good.

  7. Stop writing about this Floyd vs Pac fight. Its not happening. He is just saying I want to fight Pac but believe me he is going to have another excuse like a fake shoulder injury, asking for 200 million dollars, take the blood test after every round, or some other outrageous demands. Announcements like this are just a way to bring down the PPV for PAC’s upcoming fight.

  8. It’s only a matter of time before Floyd prices himself out of the fight, only to say that Pacquiao refused to “take the test” or “Pac isn’t a big enough draw” blah blah blah.

  9. Most likely, the annoucement is another BS MBA-esque type of gimmick. The way I see it, Ellerbe meant little fella to be Floyd Mayweather, who is going to have his biggest fight in May. People just wanting to believe the little fella is Pacquiao and Ellerbe helped them by commenting about Pacquiao + USADA in his next statement. Smart but the Mayweather camp is the little boy who cried wolf so many times. They are doing this to get fans to be disinterested in real Pac-Marquez fight by “promising” a “dream” fight next year.

  10. Ellerbe should clarify if his ‘little fella’ refers to Pacman, and not to Floyd because setting a date and venue when you have not contacted the other party is underhanded in the very least…

  11. Is it me or Mayweather always comes up with something every time there’s a pac fight around the corner. Sorry I aint buying this story. it’s just a ploy on pbf’s part.

  12. When both camp makes to their senses and makes this fight really happen … Am gonna watch it regardless…

  13. Floyd Mayweather jr and Golden Boy Promotions are all “pathological liars”. They say one thing and then they deny it . Ellerbie is a liar just like mongoloid floid. Remember floid said “Pacquiao your’e next..Next interview…ooohhh aaahh i never said that”.

  14. ..anothey ‘FLOY’ …what else – is this Gayweather getting a tansgender change soon?
    …got no balls to fight the midget, little ‘poochiao’. you can fool us once, sometimes but not all the time.. yes, we are IDIOTS too, but not so FOOLISH to listen to everything you scalawags say!

  15. how can they make those pronouncements valid when they were the only one talking.the truth is theboy who cried wolf will forever cry now because the true wolf manny had taken the throne.


  17. That random testing is just a BS since the result will be announced weeks, months after the fight. What’s the use of that crap if it ‘s announced late

  18. Ain`t going to happen….floyd is full of it….if floyd can buy ortiz is not going to happen with manny…..

  19. So good to be true. Obviously, another gimmick by Floyd to distract Manny and doing what he do best………to steal the limelight from Pacquiao.

  20. Anything that comes out from Floyd’s side re Pacman is always an aberration. How could you believe it when the other party has no knowledge about it? Floyd, bring out the signed contract, otherwise, keep your mouth shut and bury your head in the sand.

  21. the day before Manny-Marquez figth for sure GayNever will announce & sign the dotted line vs Lady Gaga

  22. Don’t ever trust this guys Leonard Ellerbe and Al Haymon, they’ve done it before and they’ll do it again. Next time Floyd monkey May opens his mouth, he’ll say there’s no negotiation..kwak kwak kwak..☺☺☺

  23. Floyd didn’t say anything about fighting Pacquiao except “just take the test and we have a fight” much like an annoying parrot is. Ellerbe was even careful with his “little fella” description of Floyd’s opponent on May 5 maybe for a leeway because that “little fella” is actually another “fella” after Floyd have seen how gruesome the JMM fight ended this coming Nov 12.

  24. A contender in boxing who is determined to win any fight must not be dwell of being a counter puncher only. He needs to initiate the fight and lunch good punches to make his win a convincing one. What if both fighters had chosen to be counter punchers during the fight, would that fight be spectacular? I think it would be as dry as Sahara Desert and it is not even a fight but a ballroom boogie or cha-cha rendition. Manny Pacquiao, who was not only after of winning for money sake but also to entertain the million spectators both inside and outside the ring, in spite of being the defending champion, initiated the fight and made points too. Although not very much points, Manny put in a little more than what Juan Marquez did, Without controversy, Manny was still the winner in their third fight. So, I am with all the boxing fans in congratulating Manny for winning. I also congratulate JM Marquez for the successful escape from all the devastating left hooks and straight punches that the Team Pacquiao and all fans may have been anxiously expecting as their minds had been conditioned to seeing Manny’s opponents being floored to end many of his previous fights.

  25. Obviously you are not a Mayweather fan. No problem. What is wrong with drug testing. That was a Mayweather sticky wicket that seemed fair to both fighters. Pacman had a problem with that. Wonder who really cried wolf?

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