Did Marquez Ruin a Pacquiao-Mayweather Bout?

It’s been sad looking around the web these past few days following the aftermath of Pacquiao-Marquez III. Seems everyone forgot that just a week ago, Mayweather (through adviser Leonard Ellerbe), officially announced he was looking to make the biggest fight possible on Cinco de Mayo 2012. That should be music to everyone’s ears, however, the news hasn’t been met with a lot of enthusiasm. I guess Juan Manuel Marquez’s spirited performance against the Pound-4-Pound king is to blame. For twelve rounds, Marquez made Manny Pacquiao look human in wide contrast to his recent super-human tear through the Welterweight division.

The rubber match was the most technical of the three fights the two pugilists shared as Marquez seemingly exposed Pacquiao’s difficulty facing defensive styles with a knack for counter-punching. The general consensus around the Boxing community feel that Mayweather, who is leaps and bounds a better technical fighter than Marquez (and that’s saying a lot), and who also coincidentally dominated the Mexican in their 2009 bout would make easy ‘pickins of Pacquiao should the fight ever get made.

Immediately after the fight, the Pacquiao camp were singing songs of a rematch with the Mexico City native to take place in April or June of next year as opposed to a penciled-in May 5 rendezvous with Mayweather. Not exactly the kind of tune everyone wanted to hear. Personally, I would love to see a fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez but not right now. If I had it my way, Mayweather would come first followed by Marquez right after.

“What can you say? It’s Marquez’s style. It’s the kind of fight I don’t want to do again, but I think we have to. He has given us problems three times now and he is very good at what he does” said Freddie Roach, as he told media that Marquez deserved a fourth fight against Manny. “Mayweather is a bit of a counter-puncher also. He can give us trouble. We need to learn to deal with these counter-punchers better.”

Did Marquez diminish the luster of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight? He may have, to an extent. The mystery and intrigue of a Pacquiao-Mayweather fight, poised to be the richest fight in Boxing history, is still there. Though the general public feel that Mayweather would easily dominate Pacquiao based on the Filipino’s poor showing last weekend, there are those who understand that ‘styles make fights’ – that just because Mayweather thoroughly dominated Juan Manuel Marquez whom Pacquiao went life and death with, doesn’t necessarily mean the fight with Pacquiao would be a walk in the park. It’s up to those who understand the science of Boxing to explain to everyone why Pacquiao-Mayweather is a whole ‘nother story.

Last weekend’s confounding result actually made me feel better about Pacquiao’s chances against Mayweather rather than lessen them.

Styles Make Fights, Why Pacquiao-Mayweather Will Be Different

‘Styles make fights’ – an adage as old as Boxing itself. It’s easy to think that both Marquez and Mayweather share similar styles, even going as far as saying that Mayweather is essentially Marquez, only better – which is completely unfair to Marquez and is totally off base. Anyone who’s ever boxed a round in their life knows that comparing one fight with another is like comparing apples to oranges. In 2009, Marquez was completely outclassed by the brash and arrogant Floyd Mayweather Jr. Based on what took place this past weekend, many observers feel that Mayweather-Pacquiao will be a blatant mismatch in favor of the Michigan native.

I beg to differ. I’m of the train of thought that Mayweather would be an easier fight for Pacquiao than Marquez. The only similarity Mayweather and Marquez share is that their styles are both built on a dominant defensive mindset. Other than that, Mayweather and Marquez are completely different fighters.

Think about it.

Mayweather likes to strut his ‘Y’-stance. He thrives on his ability to stay in the pocket in the face of constant pressure. Just take a look at his fight with the Diego Corrales and DeMarcus Corley, both men threw everything but the kitchen sink yet Mayweather was able to effectively block and parry every single shot with his modified Philly Shell and vaunted shoulder roll. Mayweather likes to rely on his cat-like reflexes to slip punches, and it’s worked well so far against slower opponents. He doesn’t throw a lot of combinations, and instead likes to ‘pot-shot’ from a distance, controlling the tempo in the middle of the ring. Mayweather’s best punch is a lead right hand straight down the pipe that’s shot like a bullet (watch the Victor Ortiz fight). When pressured, Mayweather purely plays defense and opts to counter after his opponent’s onslaught. Rarely can you get him to trade punches, it’s just not his thing.

Marquez on the other hand is more of an aggressive defensive fighter. He’s every bit as good of a counter-puncher Mayweather is, in fact even better. The difference with Marquez is, in the face of pressure, he doesn’t resort to just defense alone. Marquez likes to trade shots using tricky combinations that were designed to exploit holes in the offense of an opponent. Such is the case with Manny Pacquiao, who dropped his left hand guard every time he threw his right hook – an opening Marquez took advantage of all night long. Marquez doesn’t just simply counter-punch, he calculates his opponent’s timing and figures out how to disrupt it, hence Pacquiao’s tentativeness to launch his flurries. Hall of Fame trainer Nacho Beristain taught Marquez well, and it has developed him into a perfect compliment to Pacquiao’s frenetic pace. Alas, Marquez’s style is completely dependent on his opponent’s initiative, and this surely seems to be minus points for the judges.

However, in three fights, Marquez showed us the blueprint on how to beat Manny Pacquiao. You’ve got to time your counters to disrupt his rhythm as he darts in. You can’t bow down in a heated exchange, you’ve got to throw unorthodox combinations that take advantage of Pacquiao’s lack of defense when mounting his offense. And lastly, you’ve got to have balls of steel in the face of the Pacmonster. That’s why Marquez has been so successful against Manny, he’s figured out his rhythm and timing and trades shots, oftentimes even getting the better of the exchanges. Also, his Mexican fighting spirit would never have him covering up like a wuss against his firecracker of an adversary.

In order for Mayweather to be successful, he’ll have to experiment exchanging with Manny. If he decides to stick to pure defense, he risks losing by decision as Pacquiao’s workrate could overwhelm him. If and when he decides to trade with Pacquiao, there is a big question mark as to what would be the result.

So no, a fight with Pacquiao will NOT be another day in the office for Floyd.

Random Thoughts

–          Mexican fans completely took Filipino fans out of the fight last Saturday night, if the Filipino contingent egged Manny on during the fight, he’d have maybe gained a second wind which would have allowed him to add more pressure on Marquez. Maybe, just maybe we could have gotten the KO. Instead, it was Marquez getting a jolt of energy from the crowd which amplified his counter-punching success.

–          I feel sorry for Richard Schaeffer, he looks more and more like a puppet every single day. Now that talks of a fourth Marquez fight are underway, he’s forced to find a different opponent for Mayweather, and not many candidates fit the bill. Sergio Martinez looms.

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14 responses to “Did Marquez Ruin a Pacquiao-Mayweather Bout?

  1. Pretty much everything I predicted came true except for a Marquez KO. I said Pacquiao wouldn’t remember what it would be like to be punched in the face numerous times, and he didn’t, causing him to be overly cautious for fear of being belted. I said that watching Pacquiao spar, I observed him eating way too many left hooks and overhand rights from his sparring partners, and he did. I said this isn’t his natural weight, which has sapped his power (last KO Hatton) and causes his legs to cramp up during fights and they did. I said Pacquiao’s mid section hasn’t been tested yet at this new weight and is probably soft – he was overly protective of body shots and when Marquez grinded some heavy shots into his ribs, Pacquiao would back off and shake his arms. I didn’t expect Marquez to be as cautious, most likely not wanting to get knocked down when throwing that left body hook – the punch he threw in the second fight and got knocked down because of the weight distribution. But the mass majority of the clean heavy shots belonged to Marquez, who made Pacquiao pay every time Pac tried to impose his will. Ring generalship? Marquez, regardless of what Ledermann kept harping on. Marquez controlled the pace, kept Pacquiao at bay, nullifying Pacquiao’s arsenal. It was a masterful performance and I had Marquez up 2, as did many people. And after watching it several times, its apparent that Compubox is just as irregular as judges.

    There’s been lots of excuses floating around for Pacquiao’s poor showing, most recently how Marquez was ‘cheating’ by stepping on Pacquiao’s foot. Humorous. Its a common occurrence when left fights right, especially when one is a counterpuncher timing every shot, throwing simultaneously. To be deliberately stepping on Pacquiao’s foot, Marquez would need two pairs of eyes to see where Pac’s foot was while targeting punches.

    To summarize, Pacquiao was beyond rusty, having fought punching bags for so long, completely forgetting the art of war. He was confused and hesitant and should have lost – and in a way, he did. Lost are the myths of Pacquiao’s super human strength and the PFP king title. Mayweather is much bigger and stronger, and probably faster than anyone Pacquiao has faced. There’s really no point to pursue a Mayweather fight now, unless Pacquaio is ready to hang it up and take a nice big payday.

    The super mega-fight in the near future is Mayweather/Martinez.

  2. there are so many explanations that it is normal for a right handed fighter and a lefty to step in each other foot. But I really don’t believe. In the first two encounters of JMM and Pacman probably it had happened but not as glaring as this one. If you try to watch it closely, JMM when he stepped Manny’s foot seemed to press it more firmly and a bit longer holding to the canvass. These has been never an issue before and why is it happening now? JMM perfected this strategy during this training because this is the only way he can distract Manny’s foot speed that had him troubled and falling to the canvass before. Nacho designed this cheating act. God is watching you “Dinamita” that is why you never had exploded.. the fact is that most of manny’s attacks involved some fancy footwork, and stepping onto your opponent’s foot negates the effectiveness or accuracy of the punches, making you unbalanced and vulnerable for a counterpunch. clottey was reprimanded by the referee joe cortez when he stepped on manny’s foot. and is it coincidence that manny’s right foot seems to be the one that was always getting stepped on?.. When you see the clips of those foot stomping, you will see that it was a strategy indeed. The strategy was step on the foot and punch. It was not just an accident. All the times that he stepped on the foot, he would punch because his intention was to keep Manny on the same spot and get distracted with his foot.. it appears as if JMM reaches out with his leg, as if stepping out further than needed to get at Manny’s foot.. it was very obvious that he did it intentionally to neutralize manny’s footwork and balance.. Every time Pacquiao gets inside for the offensive, it looked like Marquez knowingly stretches out his foot and catches Pacquiao’s foot. With that being said; if it was accidental, Marquez should have pulled his foot away as soon as he felt like he was stepping on something but his foot actually was still on Pacquiao’s foot until Manny had to pull away. In addition, I could understand if they were not intentional that Marquez would only be stepping on Pacquiao’s toes, however, it seemed like every time he did, his foot would catch the whole foot (close to the ankle) which would prevent movement..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6DPCca4j8KY&feature=share Watch marquez steped on pac foot 8 times from round 2 to 12!! if it is normal to southpaw vs righthanders then why pac didnt even done it once! do it once shame on me, do it twice shame on you, do it 8 times shame on mexicans ! hahaha and on the next video watch mrquez drink pee or a not labeled colored drink on the fight here it is:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOZc0YIN8t0
    mandaraya naman tlga si marquez!!! guys gumawa kayo ng fb account or fanpage na ang name ay marquez footstopper tpos upload nio yung mga pics at video ng pandaraya! guys ikalat nyo pa sa mga sites yung balita at mga videos kailangan support natin si pac dinaya tlga cia dba halata nmn 8 times mula round 2 hanggang 12! si pacman nga kahit isa ndi nia ginawa! ikalat natin sa mga article ng phiboxing at fight news yung video!!! mrquez stepping on pacs foot 8 times is on tv right now on all channels!! i cant beleive it he is a cheater!!!!!!!!!!

  3. hey carlos, still think the little guy is the greatest fighter of all-time? where was this “complete” fighter you and all the pactards were talking about? truth is this, marquez AGAIN exposed pacquiao as a cherry picker. he thought he cherry picked another easy win but what he got was a boxing lesson for the third time by this 38 yo. past his prime, lightweight. no longer do i want to hear pacquiao is this and that and that he can beat the likes of PRIME sugar ray leonard, roberto duran, julio cesar chavez, thomas hearns or henry armstrong, just to name a few. pacquiao is so lucky he is living in this era cause he wouldn’t have even tasted a world title if he fought in the 80’s era. sadly though, now that marquez has again exposed this fraud, bob arum will never put this overrated fighter against mayweather. i mean, who’s going to buy this fight. mayweather will make him his bitch and his girlfriend inside that ring.


  4. Marquez as we know was born a counter-puncher.The style kept him on top over rugged power puncher. The edge of his style was merely looking for the enemy’s weakness. Exploit and take advantage. Yet its normal for this kind of style but not in the sense of challenging a champion. It takes heart and passion to let the judges believed you deserved the title. Nevertheless a credit should be given for the challenger’s intelligent defense converted to an effective assault.
    For me, i would rather be subjective in terms of scoring. Point-system is not a justified decision to make but rather a misleading criteria. Human eyes are not perfect and are immune for false input processing of mind.
    If you see a bus running @ 200kph, would you be able to see the exact figures of passengers inside? The logic is we’re only have to see which direction and at what speed it’s going.
    Judges are the officials authorized and qualified enough to make the decision. They can see things that we were not able to see.The more they focus, the less they commit mistakes. And focus is not their problem, it’s up to the two warriors in the ring!

  5. Manuel Pacheco…it shows that your bitterness goes down to your dick…Pacman is cherry picker?…c’mon, marquez was the one always calling on pac’s name and crying!…I understand how much you love your cheater marquez…but just face the truth man, he will not defeat the pacman the way he is fighting..always counter punching?…no judge will give him credit as you do if he will not be aggressive in a fight specially that he is the challenger. Granting pacman and dinamita fights 100 times, the result will always be the same if marquez didn’t show aggresiveness…just accept the truth man…pac truly won the fight.

  6. For Bob Arum’s stand point. .. I think he believes that Marquez-Pacquiao IV can match his predicted money for Pacquiao-Mayweather fight so he is not rushing for the greatest fight of this era…

    I think, he is preserving PAcquiao for that 2 fights and then he will already let go of him… And start grooming his prospected cash cows Bambam rios and Gamboa( who fights like Pacquiao and I will not be surprise if he also goes up in the welterweight)..

  7. I don’t think that Floyd would necessarily make mincemeat out of Pacquiao just because he absolutely shut out Marquez, who always gave Pacquiao all he can handle. Firstly, Marquez KNOWS how to fight Pacquiao and has actually GOT THE EXPERIENCE doing so. Floyd only THINKS he knows how to fight Pacquiao, but until he gets in the ring with him, he wouldn’t know if he is right in his assumptions. Secondly, Marquez knows how to get beaten up, get knocked down, and still come back to fight and win; on the other hand, how Floyd responds to real adversity in the ring is unknown because we haven’t seen him seriously get beat up and knocked down. In other words, Floyd is so used to winning so easily, we don’t really know if he has the heart when things go bad for him inside the ring. Finally, 90% of the boxing world looked foolish when it predicted that Pacquiao-Marquez III would be a cake-walk for Pacquiao. We know what happened. If the consequence for every wrong fight prediction is death for the one making it, then there wouldn’t be any so called boxing expert” left around today!

  8. ok well style of marquez is counter punching if pacquiao does not engaged marquez where’s the fight going on.

    For 12 rounds you the effort of pacquiao moving side to side moving forward that too
    taxing too much energy an ordinary boxing cant do it. aside from it he is the champion.

    Pacquiao likes opponent who will come in front on him.

    Did marquez fight like a challenger?


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