Island Assault 3: Champion VS Champion Press Conference Coverage

The local boxing community have once again reunited at the press conference of the much anticipated match between our very own Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria and Ring Magazine’s #9 Pound-for-Pound fighter, Giovani “El Guerrero Azteca” Segura of Mexico. The fight which could very well be the fight of the year will be held at the Ynares Sports Arena this December 11th, Sunday at 9:00 AM. This promises to be an exciting match as Viloria aims to prove himself worthy of his belt against the most challenging opponent he has ever had.
One of the most noteworthy moments during the press conference was when Segura was asked to share his story before his boxing career. Segura could not contain his tears and had to pause for a while as he expressed his admiration for our boxing champ, Manny Pacquiao, who has been well-loved for giving back to the less fortunate. It turns out that this is something that really hits close to home for Segura for he had virtually nothing before his boxing career. He showed that more than the skills that he is being admired for, he also has the heart of a champion.

Viloria on the other hand, showed how serious he is about the fight. He said that although he did not share the same difficult life that Segura and Pacquiao had growing up, he had challenges of his own that he chose not to put on the table. It doesn’t make him less of a fighter and that he has given his all in all his fights, regardless of how it turned out. He has been questioned about his consistency to deliver and this fight could put an end to all doubts and make a permanent mark in boxing history for Viloria.

As much as we love to make predictions about every big boxing match that comes along, this is one fight that makes us think twice. Is Viloria’s seriousness enough to measure up to Segura’s determination? Will Segura continue his winning streak and make a victim out of Viloria? These are the questions that we could probably just wait to find out on Sunday morning.

After all the questions have been asked, only three things stood out. These two guys have so much respect for each other, they have trained hard and well and that both of them intend to win the fight. This is enough assurance to all boxing fans that this is a fight they should not miss.

If you would ask me, the odds are against Viloria based on how Segura performed in his recent fights but my heart still wants my fellow Filipino boxer to win. I had the chance to speak to Viloria right after the press conference and he said he is going to play it smart. I sure hope he does but I am not betting on anyone in this fight. It’s just too close to call. I’d rather enjoy watching it.

Hanz Lustre, Boxing Analyst
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