Sob Stories: Viloria or Segura, Who Cries On Fight Night?

PASIG CITY – A battle featuring two boxer slash punchers with heavy hands will throw down this Saturday night (Sunday morning Manila time) as Brian “The Hawaiian Punch” Viloria of the Philippines via Waipahu, Hawaii puts his WBO Flyweight title on the line against Giovani “The Aztec Warrior” Segura of Mexico in a clash that has ‘Fight of the Year’ written all over it. Former sparring partners, both pugilists know each other very well and are friends outside the ring but once they step inside, it will be all business as both fighters are looking to knock each other out.

Viloria, a 3-time world champion whose biggest win was an 11th round knockout of then undefeated Ulises “Archie” Solis, is the more tactical fighter of the two. He represented the United States in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and is a decorated amateur. Suffice to say, he’s got the skills necessary to outbox his opponent this weekend.

Segura on the other hand gained popularity by handing, also previously unbeaten, Ivan “Iron Boy” Calderon two devastating knockout losses. At the time, Calderon was regarded as a top ten pound for pound entrant on most experts’ lists before Segura laid waste to him. As a result, Segura broke into Ring Magazine’s pound for pound list at #9. Of his 28 victories, 24 of those did not hear the final bell giving him a stunning 80% knockout percentage. Segura will have the edge in power entering the fight which promises to be in an instant classic.

Who cries this Saturday night? We shall soon find out in a few days. Here are the FightCardBoxing team’s staff predictions:

Niarchos Bondoc
Boxing/MMA Fight Sports Enthusiast

Viloria will throw more punches, then run out of gas in the later rounds (as usual). Segura throws slower but more powerful punches and will keep pushing and pressuring Viloria (almost like Margarito). Segura will KO Viloria in the later rounds unless the Hawaiian Punch can do the hula dance for 12 rounds.


Hanz Lustre

Viloria needs to box smart and not engage in a brawl. His mental state is a factor in this fight and I believe his confidence will give him the ‘W’. This is for Viloria’s legacy. I see an upset win for the Hawaiian Punch. Segura will look like a one-dimensional fighter and Brian will cruise to an easy Unanimous Decision.


Oliver Lucas

I think Viloria can win by knockout as long as he has good conditioning like he claims. He’s a power puncher with the ability to counter with accuracy and he’ll have many opportunities to counter Segura. Segura is also a power puncher but he can be a bit careless sometimes. He swings wildly but he can also absorb many punches and is very durable. He has a tendency to lower his guard when punching however but he also employs deadly uppercuts. If Viloria can stay away from those uppercuts, keep his stamina up with good conditioning and execute the perfect game plan, I don’t see why can’t stop Segura.


Carlos Cinco

It’s hard to imagine a scenario where this fight goes to the cards. I’ve gone through it over and over in my head and it’s extremely difficult to picture these two still standing at the end of twelve rounds.

Segura is a monster of a heavy puncher, his best punches are body shots and coincidentally the body is Brian Viloria’s main weakness. For Segura to score a victory, he’d have to apply constant pressure on the inside and never relent on his foe.

Viloria, on the contrary, has to use the Boxing skills he’s been gifted with as an amateur and as a pro. When it comes to skill and overall technique, Viloria has the clear edge. If he keeps the fight at a distance and scores the points, he could soften up Segura for a late round KO.

I’m surprised at how many Filipinos on the message boards are giving Brian Viloria more than a good chance to upset Segura. I’d think that given the history of heartbreak he’s given the country with his lackluster performances in the past, that people would chalk it up to conventional thinking and say Segura steamrolls Viloria. It’s the logical choice, at least on paper.

However, HBO’s Larry Merchant said it best, “that’s why we fight the fights”. Nothing makes me happier than seeing our fellow Filipinos stand by our own blood.

Look for Viloria to control the tempo and be fleet on his feet, boxing out of harm’s way when the going gets tough – and believe me, it will. I’m giving Brian Viloria the benefit of the doubt that he’s got his stamina issues all fixed for this fight. Conventional wisdom says choose Giovani Segura to KO Brian Viloria on his home turf, but I have to swim against the tides on this one. Go big or go home I guess! Something tells me we have yet to see the best of “The Hawaiian Punch”.


13 responses to “Sob Stories: Viloria or Segura, Who Cries On Fight Night?

  1. something tells me segura better bring his A game cause brian viloria is going to be very difficult to beat especially in the philippines. i think segura definitely needs a knockout to wrest the title away from the filipino cause no way in hell is he winning any type of decision over viloria in the philippines, a country that is well known for horrible hometown decisions.

  2. manuel……you say our country is known for horrible decisions?how about mexico?hahaha mexico has way more contravercial decisions listed than the phillippines………biased decisions,disqualifications,stupid referees and just plain old robbery…

  3. sorry anonymous but you’re wrong! although i do agree that even fights in mexico have had a few controversial decisions, they aren’t nearly as brutal as some decisions being rendered in your country. i have a theory on this. since the philippines produces world champions far and few between as compared to mexico, who currently leads the world in producing world champions with 16, your level of corruption can be understood by trying to hold on to your few world champions by any means necessary. the truth hurts!

  4. Manuel Pacheco, why don’t you check the quality of your so-called “many champions”. The best you got is a four division world champion courtesy of Erik Morales via a crook match up. WBC just awarded him (being their countryman) the title even before the fight with another green horned Mexican. Your best (Morales) was brutally knocked out twice in two encounters by our very own Manny Pacquiao.

  5. ricardo retardo,

    lol…and how many “quality” champions does the phlippines have again?

    a. pacquiao – the so-called greatest fighter of all-time who was schooled again and exposed by an old 38 yo. lightweight.

    b. brian viloria – who is going to get KO’d by giovanni segura in about a day from now.

    c. donnie nietes – who got a hometown decision in the philippines over hirales.

    ricky, your champions cannot compare to mexico’s. furthermore, you want quality of mexico’s world champions? try this:

    mexico – has 42 IBHOF and WBHOFers while the philippines has but – 4

    don’t talk to me about quality because philippine boxing ain’t shit compared to mexico.

  6. Viloria has a chance in early rounds well see how far he can go but as far as stamina is concerned,that’s his weaknesses. I have a few tips to him Viloria needs to counter with solid jab if he try to backpedaling he needs to throw one two punch in order to out balance segura he needs to move in the left side cause segura is a right handed fighter

  7. most Mexican fighter has warrior mentality in terms of quality fighter they have listed as top. But most Mexican is a bitter when they losses they have no sense of accepting their fate look what happen to Marquez always crying everyday the truth is Mexican fighter is a fluke

  8. anonymous,

    mexican fighters are flukes? and what do you call your failipinos? the truth is this son, filipino fighters are 3rd class fighter by and large. you’ve got a couple of good ones but out of a country of 98 million, it means your practically bankrupt with boxing talent. let’s put our top 50 fighters and match them up against yours and see we’d win at least 45 bouts. oh and by the way, filipino fighters rely on hometown decisions and corrupt judges to win their world titles. and last but not least, how many boxing champions has the failippines produced in over 100 years? 35. mexico, 166. now who’s your daddy? lol

  9. Keep crying MANUELA Fuckyoukoo but you can’t deny Philippines is better than Mexico in terms of quality world champions hehehehe.

  10. Manuela Fuckyoukoo.., when it comes to quality champions, we have the most reliable RING MAGAZINE pound for pound list of best boxers. Do you think you are better than them or is there any better organization other than Ring Magazine when it comes to P4P muster list? MANNY PACQUIAO and NONITO DONAIRE both way above any of your Mexican champions.

  11. Lamlam lang ka Manuel Pacheco paghilom yawa ka piste kang animala ka Manuel Pacheco you are a looser bitch, Pite ka yawa a ka MMANUEL PACHECO pataka lang kag storya walay hinungdan, ang ko ang ka somo biya soton lat ton mo ko mo ko ka Manuel Pacheco. You are a looser guy and to those mexican boxers just a shame to your country for not fulfilling the world’s title. You mexican are most ediot and no respect. Meyaka bono waki mong tanan mga MEXICANO, Yawa Piste….

  12. yes mexico produce so many third class boxer a lot of them because they know nothing except boxing due to coruption and poverty…

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